Bingemans, Kitchener
May 25, 2019



Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Youth Rally! 


Once again, we are teaming up with the Catholic Youth Organization of Hamilton to bring you a jammed packed, engaging, prayer-filled, fun-filled Rally day.


We invite all young people grades 7 to 12 to join us for our fourth annual gathering of youth from all across our great and glorious diocese on Saturday, May 25, 2019


We have moved venues this year, but look forward to greeting you all at Bingemans Conference Centre in Kitchener.

The theme of this year’s rally is “According to Your Word”.  Concluding our focus on the three-year Marian World Youth Day Theme, this year we are going to take a good look at the beauty of God’s Word both through Scripture as well as God’s Word alive and active in our world.


God’s Holy Word holds so much promise and love for young people, and together, through the 2019 Youth Rally, we will learn more about how to pray with scripture and make the Gospel come alive through words and deeds.  We will also have an opportunity to have a first hand encounter with the Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible. 


This hand-painted, hand-illuminated Bible will open our eyes and our hearts to another way to see and understand Scripture in all its beauty.

We welcome warmly to our day special guests Chika Anyanwu, A Guy and a Girl and all our Encounter Leaders. You will be blessed by their many gifts and the special witness they offer to our Church. 


Our day will consist of praise and worship, our keynote address, as well as encounters and activities to get you thinking about the theme and how you are called to bring all your new ideas back to your parishes and schools. 


The day will end with Mass with Bishop Crosby and a BBQ dinner.

We’ll be praying for you as you prepare to join us on May 25th, 2019. We ask for your prayers as well as we continue our planning for this wonderful day!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Rally Day, please contact your deanery representative or the Office of Youth Ministry!

#RallyUp, folks. 

It’s gonna be great!


03 April 2023
09:00 am

Before you begin the registration process, please have the following information available for each participant you are registering:

  • Age

  • Dietary concerns

  • Allergies

  • Encounter experience selections (1 selection each round)


Groups may complete their payment by:

Schedule of the Day

9:00 AM   | Registration Opens

10:00 AM | Opening Prayer and Rally Up

10:40 AM | Keynote Address

11:30 AM | Encounter Round One

12:30 PM | Lunch 

2:00 PM   | Rally Up and Regather 

2:30 PM   | Encounter Round Two 

3:15 PM   | Break and Prepare for Mass 

4:00 PM   | Celebration of the Eucharist with His Excellency Bishop Crosby 

5:15 PM   | Dinner 

7:00 PM   | Closing Keynote Address 

8:00 PM   | Departure 



Chika headshot.jpg

Keynote Speaker

Chika Anyanwu is an international Catholic Speaker currently based in Anaheim, California. She received her bachelor's degree in English from California State University, San Bernardino in hopes of becoming a high school English and English as a Second Language instructor, but fell more deeply in love with sharing about Jesus and the Catholic Church.

Chika was a parish Confirmation Coordinator and Young Adult Minister for eight years in Southern California, is a two-time alumna of the National Evangelization Teams Ministries (NET Ministries, USA), and currently serves as an Area Contact for the Life Teen youth ministry movement while still spreading the Gospel full-time. Chika is a part of a big and beautiful Nigerian family, loves coffee, and strives for sainthood every day, although bad drivers challenge her sanctity.


Musical Guest

A Guy & A Girl are a Hamilton-based married duo composed of Jesse and Kathleen LeBlanc. The two met for the first time in 2013 in their university music building while studying in Langley, BC.


Since then, melodies from folk, pop, soul & Christian influences have inspired their music as they perform across the country.


As Catholics, A Guy & a Girl will often be found in churches, on retreats, or in living rooms leading people into worship of God through music. However, they also love the joy of entertaining; bringing smiles and goosebumps to their audiences in coffeeshops, pubs, and other social venues.


Their joyful chemistry both on and off stage is contagious, and will leave you with a smile on your face and a happy tune on your lips.


Deanery Reps

Looking to share bussing? Or catch a ride with another group?

Are you an individual person hoping to connect with a group attending the Rally?

Contact your deanery representative, they are here to assist you! 

03 April 2023
09:00 am
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Christina Mines

Chaperone Information

What to bring, what not to bring, and required permissions...

Items to Bring:

o   Your Bible (it would be great for each person to have their bible on hand for Rally day! )

o   Group T-shirts, hats or other items that would make it easier for your group to be identified.

o   All necessary permission forms, including media wavers and liability forms

o   Participant Tickets

o   Reusable Water bottle

o   Cash (there will be bibles and items for sale)

o   Pre- and Post-event bus snacks

What not to bring:

  • Snacks/ Food

    • Our goal is to make the Youth Rally a garbage free event.

    • We also ask you refrain from bringing snacks to ensure the safety of the participants who have allergies.

  • Any valuables which you do not wish to lose.

    • The C.Y.O. and the Diocese of Hamilton will not be responsible for the damage, or loss of any items.

Required permissions:

  • Parish or school liability permission form (these must remain with the chaperones throughout the day. Please do not submit these forms to the Chancery). 

  • To ensure the safety of everyone at the Youth Rally chaperones are asked to remain with their youth the entire day.

  • Diocesan Media Waiver (These are to be submitted at the registration desk upon arrival at the Youth Rally).

Bingemans Conference Centre

The 2019 Youth Rally will be hosted at our new location,  Bingemans Conference Centre. 

With our new location there are opportunities for groups to incorporate an overnight camping experience pre or post Rally. Groups will be responsible for their own organization and booking of the camping experience through Bingemans Camoing. 


To learn more about this opportunity, or to book your camping please visit: 


Information Nights

April 11, 2019 | Online | 7:00 - 9:00 PM


In Person Information Session
April 2, 2019 

(due to low RSVP numbers we have had to cancel our in person session) 


Information sessions are designed to provide an opportunity for fellowship in the hopes that the group leaders and chaperones will feel supported by one another in their preparations for Rally day. 

Details pertaining to the day will be shared by the Rally planning team, with opportunities for discussion and questions.


All first time and returning chaperones and volunteers are encouraged to attend one of these sessions.


You can still RSVP for the online information session  using the Eventbrite registration system!


Encounter Experiences

Activity Encounters - 1 Hour

According to your Quill

Have you ever wanted to be a calligrapher? Learn about the tools used to create The Saint John’s Bible, a hand-written and hand-illuminated manuscript and make your own Versal (decorated capital letter).

SJB has Got You Covered -No longer available 

Bring your Bible and have the chance to create your own Saint John’s Bible inspired Bible cover.
Using wording, illuminations and imagery your Bible will have a fresh new look.

Are You Smarter Than Your Youth Minister? (Trivia)

It’s the competition you’ve all been waiting for! Try your hand at stumping your Youth Minister at Bible Trivia. Come prepared with a Bible or two, a quick wit and the determination to show your Youth Minister what you’re made of! Let the games, begin!

The “Acts” of the Apostles (Charades)

“They were all astounded and bewildered and said to one another, ‘What does it mean?’”- Acts 2:12
It’s stiff competition at Bible Charades! Working together with your team, try to act out scenes and stories from the Bible before time runs out. Prove your Youth Group is “Scripture Savvy” and win a sweet prize for your youth room!

Laudato SEE (Creation Walk)

In the Book of Genesis we hear that God created all things, and they are very good. How often do we take time to rest in the goodness of creation? Are we protecting God’s beauty as well as we could? Join us on this rediscovery of the beauty of our environment and a reflection on how we can be more environmentally sensitive in our day to day life.

Mystery is History (Rosary Making)

The Rosary is an awesome prayer that brings the beauty of the scriptures and the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, together. Come and join us as we make our very own Rosary to pray with and then learn how each mystery of the Rosary can be found in the Bible and is a reflection on the life of Jesus.

60 Days of Summer- No longer available 

Summer vacation is just around the corner. Do you have a reading list ready yet? We challenge you to get to know your Bible better this summer holiday. Join us as we help you organize and plan a quick and easy summer reading guide that has your Bible front and centre for 10 minutes of prayer each and every day. Are you ready for the challenge?

Face to Faith with The Saint John's Bible- No longer available 

Get close to The Saint John’s Bible and learn the story behind the creation of this hand-written and hand-illuminated bible. Come with your questions, we’ll have some answers.

Prayer Encounters - 45 Minutes

Be Still and Know (Guided Meditation)

It’s time to unwind. In the busyness of Rally day, take some time to rest with Jesus. Allow this guided meditation to invite your heart and mind into a conversation with the Lord and an experience of silence and stillness that will give you energy for the afternoon ahead.

Visio Divina - The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Hear and see the word of God through a Seeing the Word session with The Saint John’s Bible. A facilitator will guide you through prayer and meditation to a deeper understanding of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

Visio Divina - The Lost and the Found

Do you ever feel lost on your journey of faith, have questions or feel disconnected? You are not alone. The Gospel of Luke has many stories of the ‘lost’ – a lost coin, a lost sheep, a lost son – and the Good News is that there is a loving God who is searching for us always and rejoicing when we are found. Join us as we reflect together on being Lost and Found in the Gospel of Luke.

Visio Divina – Ruth and Naomi-No longer available 

Hear and see the word of God through a Seeing the Word session with The Saint John’s Bible. A facilitator will guide you through prayer and meditation to a deeper understanding of Ruth and Naomi.

Wild for the Word - Creation

Hear and see the word of God through a Seeing the Word session which will use Creation itself and Illuminations from the Saint John's Bible. A facilitator will guide you through prayer and meditation to provide a deeper understanding of The Creation Story.

"I'm Rolling with the Spirit"

I’m going to use this time to let the Lord guide my prayer and take advantage of one or two of the prayer encounters below. I respect that my other brothers and sisters are spending time with the Lord too and will try my best to give them the quiet they need to pray.


I choose to let the Lord guide me to take advantage of one or two of the prayer encounters listed below:

- Eucharistic Adoration

- Praying the Rosary

- Having my Bible Blessed by a Priest

The sacrament of reconciliation will also be available at this time, if participants are interested in partaking.  


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